Who We Are

We are a UK-based charity working to eradicate poverty through education and personal development in the UK and West Africa. We want to transform the lives of children and young people by creating opportunities to help them develop their skills and achieve their potential to the fullest. As a charity inspired by the Christian faith, we believe that we are called to influence society and be change-makers in our culture.

Our projects encourage personal growth among young people, helping them find healthy ways to recognise and harness their strengths. Our programmes exist to promote and advance the mental, spiritual, moral and physical development of children and young people.

Our aim is to grow aspirations and increase personal development opportunities amongst our target groups so that they can lead fulfilling and productive lives. Our aim is to increase personal development and advance skills to enable target groups to increase sustainable life chances through the growth of their aspirations. We take a multifaceted approach to education, combining health and academia to combat poverty and accelerate change in West Africa.