Youth Leaders Training

We trained 13 youth leaders at Freedom arena on March 30 2013; here is what some of the participants had to say:

“The questions I had were all answered well and I felt more equipped to be a mentor”

“It was structured and made so interesting.  The session made me see mentoring in a different light”

“It was good how you were able to relate to every situation and you kept me engaged”

“The trainer was engaging.  Her presentation and materials were comprehensive and the session was relevant”

“The training was superb”


Feedback from a Self-esteem workshop

“I really feel that it’s helped me to open up and I have gained tips on how to think more positively about myself.”

“I really enjoyed the session when we got into groups and talked in depth about self-esteem.”

“I learnt how not to lower my standards for other people.”

“The group discussions are very good, you talk about things that happen often but don’t realise everyday”.

“I enjoyed this session and the discussion best. It felt comfortable to talk to other girls around my age”


Parenting Workshops

In January/February 2013; we completed a 5 week Parent Assertiveness programme in Woolwich. Here is what some parents who attended the programme had to say:

“Thank you for making me understand myself and my children better. This course has benefitted me in so many ways”
“The programme allowed me to gain more knowledge and taught me how to encourage my child”
“Great help, I really enjoyed working as a team and hearing other parents’ stories”
“A big thank you and I am very grateful for this class”
“It was a great opportunity for parents to reflect on their parenting skills”


Feedback from a recent Girlz Empowered/Boyz Excel session

“I really enjoyed today’s session, I would like more talks from the facilitators. As a teenager most of what they said appealed to me and it made me to think about things that hadn’t crossed my mind before”
“I enjoyed setting goals and really thinking about it”
“It was a very good session, I enjoyed the practical side as it will challenge me to go and do it. It was very effective”
“I thought the session was great. It made me see I am capable of doing many things”