Support for Youth Leaders

Youth Mentoring Workshop – 3-hour workshop

Mentoring is one of the most effective ways methods that we can use to connect with young people and influence them positively. The overall aim of this workshop is to help youth leaders and mentors to understand their role, equip participants with essential mentoring skills and enable participants to initiate effective mentoring relationships.

It will also be an opportunity for participants to network with other youth leaders and share best practices. Each participant will also receive a Certificate of Attendance.


What the workshop should cover:
  • The mentoring concept, including types of mentoring.
  • Benefits of mentoring young people.
  • Qualities of a good mentor
  • Essential skills in mentoring.
  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a mentor.
  • Common barriers that affect mentoring.
  • Mentoring code of conduct/issues of integrity.
  • Biblical examples of mentoring (for church youth leaders).

As well as providing practical information, various exercises will be used to develop understanding, while participants will have the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns about mentoring.

By the end of the workshop, participants will gain a good understanding of the concepts of mentoring, what mentoring is and the benefits of mentoring in youth work. The workshop will also provide a personal development opportunity for the youth leaders.

Introduction to Youth Counselling – 4-hour workshop

Counselling skills are a vital part of any work with young people and this four-hour workshop is the perfect introduction. This workshop aims to help participants to respond appropriately to young people who are expressing difficult feelings.

This is very much an experiential learning course, delivered through a combination of taught information and sharing experiences, as well as practising skills in pairs, groups and triads. The workshop is delivered by a qualified youth counsellor.


What the workshop should cover:
  •  What is counselling?
  • Best Practice. BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).
  • What is youth counselling?
  • What is adolescence?
  • Frequent issues brought by young people.
  • Differences between boys and girls.
  • Basic counselling techniques.
  • Legal framework.
  • Child protection.
  • Biblical counselling (for church youth leaders).


By the end of the workshop, participants will:
  • Be able to define what is counselling is and the differences between counselling adults and young people.
  • Have an awareness of adolescence and development in this cultural environment.
  • Have gained knowledge of some effective counselling techniques.
  • Have an awareness of the legal framework in which we work with young people and children.
  • Know the importance of child protection procedures.
Understanding Young People – 3-hour workshop

This workshop will help youth leaders to develop the skills and understanding needed to work effectively with young people and support them in their transition from childhood to adulthood. It will also help them to understand youth culture and therefore be able to connect better with their young people.


What the workshop will cover:
  • The adolescent period – four main changes that they go through.
  • Why teenagers misbehave – common forms of misbehaviour; peer pressure; their ‘second family’.
  • Connecting with your teenagers – when listening helps and what encourages teenagers.
  • Understanding gangs and serious youth violence – what do we mean by street gangs; recognising the warning signs; why do young people join gangs; girls – how are they involved?

This workshop will also provide a personal development opportunity for the youth leaders.

“It was structured and made so interesting.  The session made me see mentoring in a different light”.  To view more testimonials, please click here.

In-house Training

GGF are able to deliver any of the workshops listed above for your group or church at your preferred venue at competitive rates. We are also able to adapt our existing workshops and develop bespoke training to meet the needs of your organisation. Please contact Dupe on 020 8242 6162 or email for more information and prices.