Past Projects

Positive Parent Project

In 2011/12, thanks to a grant from Awards for All, we started our Positive Parents project. The workshops we offered helped parents of children and teenagers to improve their communication skills and create a framework of discipline and respect in their families. The sessions were useful in reducing tension, squabbling, tantrums and fighting, establishing clearer, more respectful parenting guidelines, and making children happier and more responsible. For parents of teenagers, the sessions gave them the skills to deal with the more difficult situations met in the teen years and helped them to relate to their teenagers.

We reached 130 parents from Greenwich and other boroughs between September 2011 and July 2012. During the project, we worked with other community groups/charities like the Her centre, Greenwich Millennium Village school and Deanery road Children’s centre to reach wider areas of the community.  This project enabled families to build stronger ties and a deeper understanding of each other’s needs/perspectives. This will not only strengthen existing families that might currently be functioning poorly but, as today’s young people move on and create their own families, it will impact on tomorrow’s society too.


Life Skills 4 Teens Project

In August 2011, thanks to a grant from London Community Foundation (formerly CCF); we piloted our Life Skills 4 Teens project. This new project worked with 40 young people aged 12 to 17 in Thamesmead and surrounding areas, to help them identify and develop the skills they most need to progress more successful and contentedly in all spheres of their lives both now and as adults.  The activities we carried out were Public Speaking workshops Street dance, Sports activities, Simple Citizenship, Enterprise, Fashion and Beauty workshops together with a group study support session.

Youth Development project

In 2009, we received a grant from Awards for All to run personal development workshops for over 100 young people in Greenwich.  The project focussed on building self-esteem, developing good social skills, understanding and managing feelings and making right choices in life. And the feedback we received from the participants was very encouraging. The public speaking workshop in particular certainly got people’s attention. Great speakers don’t happen overnight; it takes practice and a lot of confidence building and through the workshop we focused on helping people develop the confidence to speak in public with ease and presence.